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People say it’s good to drink warm beverages in summer. Hm…

Here’s a wip!


I’m sorry it has been such a long while!
Here are two new Lost Nightmare pages up on Smackjeeves!
New readers start here

Another Sailor Moon fanart in KyoAni style. (Here’s my first one)
I’m sorry, it’s just fun to use KyoAni style.

Characters from a story I came up with recently. It might not result in anything big but oh well. Gouache again!

I tried some new techniques with gouache today. Though the violet in the first one is Colorex. The rest is Shinhan Artists Poster Colors. 

These started out as that palette meme thingy since Ink and Jasper have been requested a lot (thank you so much!!) but I kind of cheated and used more colours… I will probably print these as cards!

Ink and Jasper from my webcomic Lost Nightmare.

Thank you for all the requests! I’ll close my askbox again for now. Will hopefully get to draw some soon :>

Some animation assignments with TVPaint! I already spammed twitter with wips. There are many things off about these since I haven’t animated that much yet but I learned a lot and I hope my next animations will be better (getting closer to my film!)

2 hours color study with Sailor Moon. (Photoshop CS6)

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I took my new watercolor sketchbook with me to Annecy and this is what I painted! Though the paper is horrible D: 
Painted with Shinhan Poster Colors.

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